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I have been a journalist for more than 40 years, always based in Washington, D.C, usually writing about money. I’ve written about big picture policy issues, such as the federal budget and tax legislation, as well as consumer-focused personal finance advice articles on how to fully get maximum Social Security benefits, minimize tax bills, and enroll in Medicare.

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Deciding when and how to claim your maximum Social Security benefits is one of the most important decisions that retirees will ever make, but the rules are complicated. I understand the rules and my mission is to serve as a trusted resource for both consumers and financial professionals. You probably have a lot of questions. But you only need one answer—the right one for your situation. I can help.

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Her Impact

“Thank you very much for keeping us current in this complex field of retirement. You have been a great resource to me and others.”
~ Regina Quirk, Strategic Financial Services
“I have greatly appreciated all of your sage advice on helping clients through the maze of Social Security claiming strategies and issues. I have kept a log of your articles and refer back to them regularly.”
Barbara Ollinger, CFP ®
“On two different issues dealing with the Social Security Administration, I have gotten either conflicting or incorrect information …  I turned to Mary Beth for help. There is no one I would trust with Social Security questions more than Mary Beth.”
~ Read Branch, Davenport & Company
“I always learn something new from your articles, and your conscientious reply here makes me feel better that we are getting all we are entitled to from Social Security.”
~ Michael Farrell,
“I really appreciate not only your depth of knowledge but also how well you communicate your knowledge.”
~ Janet  L. Critchley, Mariner Wealth Advisors
“I’ve appreciated your columns, yearly book updates, and occasional personal advice for many years. As a 22-year CFP®, I’m glad you’re among us to raise the average level of understanding.”
~ Warren Ward, WWA Planning & Investments
“There’s much more to Social Security than meets the eye. Mary Beth has all the answers no matter what your situation …. Mary Beth shows us how to get the most from it.”
~ Consuelo Mack, anchor, WealthTrack

“Your brilliant and understandable advice helped me greatly in planning for retirement. Thank you!”

~ Bob Holmes
“Mary Beth has always been a knowledgeable source of information for any Social Security question I have had … She has been an invaluable resource for me when advising clients on Social Security planning and strategy.”
~ Al Lindsten, CFP®,  Shelton Financial Group, Inc
“Mary Beth Franklin is THE BEST source for anything to do with Social Security ... I can’t recommend Mary Beth highly enough as a resource for everything Social Security.”
~ William Van Winkle, Van Winkle Financial
“Mary Beth Franklin continues to bring clarity to the complex program that is Social Security. Her content and commentary help so many people make better informed decisions around Social Security. Such an important retirement decision demands reliable and accurate information – that’s why we lean on her!”
~ Kevin M. Russ, Brighthouse Financial
“Thanks for all of your past work. The columns were immensely helpful. Still looking forward to reading your new columns monthly.”
~ Bill Losey, CFP
“Your insight to Social Security has been amazingly accurate, timely, and helpful over the years… Thanks for continuing to write a monthly column. I always look forward to reading them.”
~ Frank R. Owen, III  ChFC, CLU




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